Daniel Yomtobian - Search Business

Initially, Daniel Yomtobian began his career in the computer industry as a web designer building web pages for smaller diverse companies that wanted to go from offline to online. That is when he realized the value and potential of domain names and began buying and selling dictionary based domain names. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded an online media and advertising company called WayInternet. He simultaneously co-founded the search engine 'Findology', and then sold his share of the company one year later. Along this timeline, Daniel Yomtobian was involved in a multitude of other successful startups.


In 2001, when the prospects for search businesses looked welcoming, Danny Yomtobian went on to venture into the business of online searches and created ABCSearch.com. ABCSearch is a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp., a world leader in online cost-per-click advertising and the architect of a network of publishers. The company delivers affordable pricing, a cadre of services, and relevant, high quality search results to all their clients.

Serving over 2.5 billion searches a month, the company is all set to move forward successfully. ABCSearch is a "marketer's dream," reaching people at the moment they are expressing interest in what the market has to offer, and thus bringing buyers and sellers together.