Adentify and ABCSearch

Currently, ABCSearch connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers. Daniel developed a partner program on ABCSearch for website owners to create a steady income stream and to maximize revenue potential. By displaying ABCSearch's sponsored listings, they pay their partners a portion of the generated revenues. Daniel Yomtobian has plans to expand the network of quality distribution channels, build out a steady advertiser base and also roll out the new software 'Adentify'.

ABCSearch helps advertisers to get the best ROI. They help individuals reach actively seeking information on products and services at the right time, they target prospects on their network and other top online destinations, they bring you customers effectively, and are a highly targeted source of income for less.


'Adentify', is a software that relevantly connects advertisers with ABCSearch's network of content publishers. Advertisers can target consumers by displaying their ads across ABCSearch's network of content publishers. Content publishers earn revenue by displaying ABCSearch's text-ads on their websites. Every time ABCSearch's text ads are displayed, their system automatically generates ads that are relevant to the site's content that the user is currently viewing. Adentify software was developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically recognize the content of a web page in real-time accurately without the need for human interaction.