ABCSearch is the world's largest privately held meta-search engine. They handle over 85 million searches a day across its network of specialized engines and metacrawlers. With the high cost of advertising on big search engines on the Internet, offers a more affordable alternative with a minimum bid price set at $.05 per click. Its geo targeting capability and optimization tools enable the company to drive quality traffic to help achieve any advertiser's online marketing goals.

Their partnership with Exactseek in July, 2005 has proved for the better, as Daniel Yomtobian himself puts it - "Exactseek and ABCSearch both offer unique advertising platforms that don't overlap each other which makes this such an exciting partnership. I am thrilled about our strategic partnership. Working together with ExactSeek's network of search engines will help widen our reach and audience building a larger footprint for us in the competitive search marketplace." ABCSearch will continue to move forward and to deliver its purpose in its best form.